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i_like_dog_face - Sleepless Illusions - LP - Hot Releases - HOT-48

i_like_dog_face - Sleepless Illusions - LP - Hot Releases - HOT-48

$ 18.00

i_like_dog_face - Sleepless Illusions - LP - Hot Releases - HOT-48

i_like_dog_face is the music & performance project of multimedia artist Sarah Viviana Valdez. "Sleepless Illusions" was recorded from 2012-2017 in Tampa and Sarasota, and like her other work, it's informed by an exploration of biological and technological interface. Valdez arranges electronic sounds, sings and presents as if she's championing a mysterious species that's been creeping beneath the ground, ready to rise up and use it's biotech to repair the broken endeavors of humanity, a process that is unsettling but not without optimism.

more information about her work can be found here: sv-vivi.com

"Recording "Sleepless Illusions" became this personal process of
discovering the healing qualities, and structural elements of sound.
Throughout the track-list, these elements move from lowest and highest
extremes. There are moments of expressive clusters using vocals laced
with bells or machinery that lead to an ambiguous ending with no
solution. The proliferation of new technological products assimilated
into our daily lives has softened our natural senses and is in the
process of divorcing humanity from its very ‘human’-ness. It is
difficult to propose a solution for a complex developing
counter-culture. This divorce is an interruption which is painful to
process but also the inspiration for creating art; A means to restore
a connection. A sound, in general, is indescribable because it exists
outside of the material and this interests me. Its effect is
mysterious with the potential to reveal different depths of intimacy
for myself and the listener." - S.V.V.

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